Somebody Change Me

I don’t care how you do it, just change me.

Have you ever wondered if you needed to change?

Does anybody ever think that?

I mean really, who admits there is some part about them that is flawed and needs fixing?

And what do we do about it when we do admit we need change?

A lot of people just tell themselves and the world “Hey, that’s just the way I am. And all ya’ll just have to deal with it.”

But then you have those others who only focus on the things they need to change. The ones who find flaws in almost every part of their character.

But who tells them they need to change? Who defines what are acceptable and unacceptable traits?

Do we let people tell us what we need to change, or do we find out for ourselves? But it’s not like we can just ask ourselves in the mirror one day “Hey what do I have to change today?”

What do we change, and how?

What traits are just a part of who we are?

And where do we find freedom?

2 thoughts on “Somebody Change Me”

  1. We find freedom when we learn to love ourselves. We can change with God, if we truly want to, it starts in your mind and in your heart. Change also comes with maturity. I read books that have spiritual guidance and pray a lot.

  2. John 10:10

    Read this passage in the bible mija and you will understand what is happening. It’s time to put on your full amour of God. You must combat the evil one with full force and not all these feelings to overcome or overtake you. You must rebuke him with a loud and powerful voice; tell him you only serve the only one that matters. Our Lord Jesus Christ..

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