What Dreams May Come

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you find yourself trying to force yourself awake, and then once awake you stay frozen in a ball, unwilling to move an inch because fear has its death grip on you?

I had one of those dreams last night.

And for whatever reason, it was about sharks.

Let’s just say I don’t plan on singing “Baby Shark” to my toddler any time soon (not that I ever really planned to do that to begin with anyway lol).

And you know how after waking up from a scary dream, irrational thoughts kind of take over?

For example, like me vowing not to sing “Slipper Fish” (another kids’ song that mentions sharks) ever again.

Going to Sea World? Nope.

Australia? Not a chance. 

Fear also makes me think of a character from a book series I used to love. This character had the ability to create a force field/shield around all the people she loved in order to protect them. Of course that left me wishing I had that same ability.

But then rationality hits, and I remember that God has that capability. 

For family worship during the last couple of weeks we have been reciting and singing the scripture song to Joshua 1:9, where God tells Joshua to be strong and have courage, to not be afraid because God is with him.

Sometimes it’s easy to gloss over something when it’s repeated, but lessons we intend for our children our also applicable to us and gives us a chance to pause and reflect… to be reminded of how much we sometimes forget God’s promises because we get so caught up in our own worries.

God loves us and has the ability to shield us and to protect us, and that’s what I have to remember.

And honestly, that’s the only thing that allows me to move passed my fears. Otherwise I’d never leave the house.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart,” says Proverbs 3.

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