Come all ye faithful

Being faithful to God because He is faithful to us

Reading through Acts 16, I noticed how it is full to the brim with examples of faith.

How faithful Paul was to heed God’s call to go to Macedonia. How faithful Paul and Silas were in going out to pray on the Sabbath, where they met a woman who later became baptized. How faithful they were when they were imprisoned for doing God’s work, still singing praises to God and praying. How faithful they were when they did not escape from prison and helped save yet another soul (the jailor) and brought him (and his household) to Christ.

And God was faithful to them by releasing them from prison and reuniting them with their brethren.

Such incredible faith!

And how faithful God is to His people! Even through incredibly trying hours for Noah, Lot, Joseph, Elijah, Daniel, Paul and Silas… God helped them through it all. They were faithful to Him amidst their turmoils, and He was faithful to them.

How important then is it for us to remember to be faithful to God because He made a promise to always be faithful to us.

And what does that mean, being faithful?

Is there a role we have to play, a side we have to take?

There are so many beliefs, false teachings, erroneous thoughts on who God is and what He expects of and from us…

With all of that, it becomes difficult to stand up and take a side.

But we must remember to hold onto what His words says, and be faithful to it, be faithful to Him.

Let us remember to ask for the Holy Spirit, our Helper and Comforter, to show us the way. He will be faithful and lead us to all truth (John 16:13).

Christ gave us the ultimate example of faith. He gave us the ultimate example of honor and obedience. He IS the Truth (John 14:6).

Let us remember who God is, and what God’s word says.

And let us also be faithful.

One thought on “Come all ye faithful”

  1. Amen!!! So true. If we are faithful over little He will make us rulers over much. The God we serve can do more than we can ever dream and imagine.

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