Habits Can Haunt

Hi everyone!

So I’m glad I’m actually getting some writing done today. Yippee! There’s always so much I want to write.

Okay, ready and go!

I read this today:

“God help us to cultivate habits of thought, word, look, and action that will testify to all about us that we have been with Jesus and learned of Him…”

I wonder how often I’ve really thought about that…what my habits of thoughts, words, looks, and actions really are and the impact they might have on others.

Habits of thought: Negative self-talk

Habits of word: Criticizing appointed leadership.

Habits of looks: Glaring and/or rolling eyes at someone who was rude.

Habits of action: Refraining from doing a kind act because someone didn’t do something kind first.

What do all these kinds of habits say?

Do they say we’ve been spending time with Christ? Do they reflect the light of heaven?

Wow, reality sure does pack a powerful punch. I feel awful looking at all of my bad habits.

And it leads me to wonder, what blessings have been stifled all because of my bad habits?

We’re in a constant battle between selfishness and self-forgetfulness. Self-centeredness and others-centeredness.

We’re also bombarded with messages of putting ourselves first, taking care of ourselves first, and looking at what’s best for ourselves first.

But is that…right?

I find myself heeding to a lot those messages of self-centeredness more often than not.

How opposite from Christ that is.

Selfishness is such a wild beast that is so difficult to tame, so difficult to bury. It’s also unnatural to many of us.

I really need to stop and reflect today.

And maybe you do too.

How have our habits shaped us, and what are some we can change?

The way we are affects our circle, our spouses, our children, our friends, our community.

May God grant us strength and power to change these habits, and make a change for the better.

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