Seven Days of Blessings

Hello friends!

Last year a friend of mine gave me a little journal in which I write the highlight of each day for the next three years. I absolutely love this journal, and can’t believe I’m already reading entries from last year. Appropriate timing, because two days ago I challenged my students to write down seven things God has blessed them with and write one on each day of this week. They are to share whatever blessing they wrote on that particular day with another person. I decided to take on that challenge as well, sharing with my blogging community.

With that being said, I’ll be posting every day this week. Today I will share two blessings: Sunday and Monday, since I didn’t post anything Sunday.

Sunday’s blessing: The rain

I don’t even need to say how glad I am for this. California has been plagued by drought and wildfires. And the thunder is just so awesome to hear, despite the fact that it was so loud it woke me up :p Nature is incredible!

And even as something as simple as the leaves falling around me and my mom as we walked together is something that highlights my day.

Monday’s blessing: Rain and my mother

Another day of rain. Again, I am awe struck by the sound of thunder.

My mom recently moved from Texas to California and has been staying with me and my husband. She has been so helpful with everything (literally, everything) I can’t even express all my love and gratitude. God has truly blessed me with wonderful parents and wonderful in-laws. I can only thank Him for that.

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