Great Expectations (Expecting the, well, Expected)

You all know the phrase: Expect the unexpected. And I’m all for that for the most part; In fact, I’ve been trying to go about my daily biz with that phrase in the back of my mind, because we all simply cannot expect everything to go our way (cue Mick Jagger).

So correct me if I sound a bit of of place here.

Last night I had a conversation with one of my best friends, and of course we gushed over the details of my magical wedding night that took place nearly 2 weeks ago. It was PERFECT in all ways, every bit of how I wanted it to be.

However, there were of course minor details that I didn’t notice during the wedding that my friend had brought up ( well, duh, of course I didn’t notice, I was totally focused on that gorgeous guy I can now call my husband).

Let me preface before I continue:

My husband and I did our wedding a little unconventionally. We only had vegan and vegetarian food, we didn’t have the typical ceremony nor the typical first dances, nor the typical music, nor did we have alcohol. Yes that is right, no alcohol *gasp*.

But more than that, we specifically noted on our wedding website that we did not want anyone sneaking alcohol in the parking lot or anywhere else on site ( not only for us, but the venue requested it too).

If anyone were caught, they would charge us a pretty penny. And even more than that,

We simply did not want alcohol at our wedding.

Alright, now here is the juice: My friend told me she had seen people sneakily dumping out small bottles and/or flasks in the grass of the reception area toward the end of the night.

I’m pretty sure they weren’t dumping grape juice out of those things (I know, I know, not everyone is a cool juice-drinking girl like me).

So I was like, ummm…WHAT??

Okay, so maybe I am being a little too sensitive. BUT I really think it’s a little disrespectful to show up at someone’s wedding doing or bringing along the very thing the couple asked you not to.

I mean after all, we only specified not having alcohol. And we only specified not to bring it on the property.

But who cares, right? I’m just being too sensitive and self-righteous, right?

Now I know there were some people who drank prior to arrival, and quite frankly that is none of my business,

but to show up somewhere and completely disregard a request is, well, kind of rude.

So is it a little too unrealistic of me to expect people to respect my wishes? Is it? I mean, if someone made a request to me, I would do my best to honor it.

And maybe these people really didn’t think about it or really didn’t think it was a big deal (clearly), though the sneaky booze disposal kind of implied they knew they had to hide what they were doing.

This whole idea of me being someone different from who I was and not doing what I used to do has really put a barrier between me and other people, between my friends and even my family.

A wise woman once wrote:

While we pray, “Lead us not into temptation,” we are to shun temptation, as far as possible.

And that’s all I’m really trying to do.

I mean, maybe I hold people at too high of a standard. Maybe I’m being too unrealistic and am being too much of a princess…