Oh, Winter Comes

So I’m in bed right now, typing away at this little blog post before I catch some zzz ( does anyone know where “catch some z’s “originated? lol), trying to be comfy and cozy though incidentally today was quite warm for being January. But it’s SoCal, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

For some reason, we sweet southern Californians like to forget about winter as soon as the holidays are over…

Uhhh, no, not me. Need I remind folks that winter started less than a month ago??

All this beach-y, bikini-ready,”nicer weather” talk can wait. I’m in NO RUSH to get to spring, and even less so, summer. Bleh.

So I was MORE than happy to spend some vacation time in central Oregon with my honey. The snow and mountain air is totally my thing, totally our thing. We went last year for our honeymoon, and this year we went to celebrate our one year. I think we’ll be making this a yearly occurance 😉

Highlights of the trip?


Deer Selfie!

Just chillin’ with some deer. No big.

I’m one to get really cutesy when I see animals, usually spewing out: “Awwww look at that cute little [blank].” Possum? Cute. Snake? Cute. Everything is cute.


Everyone we met in OR was extremely nice, so it was no surprise to find a sticker on a tip jar that read: Be Nice, You’re in Oregon.

I love that! Why can’t Angelenos been known for their niceness?? As soon as we landed back in LAX, we instantly felt the change in vibe 😥

Upon arrival, our taste buds ruled our decision making. We’ve been aching for Next Level Burger since last year, so naturally, that’s the first place we wanted to go.

Vegan deliciousness everywhereeee
Vegan deliciousness everywhereeee

And then a few hours later, sweet little Angeline’s in Sisters, OR. I mean, just LOOK at this food.

Cozy little Angeline’s. Incredibly fresh.

Actually, our taste buds ruled pretty much the entire trip. Pizza run at 9 p.m.? Suuuureeee. A huge bag of popcorn to accompany our walk back to the cabin? Suuuureee.

Northern Thai food at this rad little restaurant downtown that our tour guide recommended? Suuuuure.

Downtown Bend, OR

I really fell in love with Downtown Bend. The ambiance was unbeatable. I seriously cannot wait to go back. Last year we went snowboarding on the slopes of Mt. Bachelor, but husband and I decided we wanted to do something a little less extreme, yet still have some fun in the snow. I refuse to ski, so we looked into snow shoeing. What is that, you may ask? It’s basically snow hiking, with special, odd-looking shoes that enable you to trek through all that powder. The sun was shining so perfectly against the snow, everything around us glittered. It was so beautiful.Being immersed in the snow and mountains like that is amazing. Perfect quiet, perfect air, perfect weather. We walked knee-deep in snow, so the walk was still quite vigorous, but it was so worth it. I even lost a glove in all the excitement. My hope is that a little high desert critter is using it for warmth >.<

Whoville anyone?

And I haven’t even mentioned the tax-free shopping( I made a pit stop at Natural Grocers for some local organic lip balm) and the totally awesome-yet-kind-of-awkward-to-get-used-to gas pump attendants.

I love Oregon.


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