One, You’re Like a Dream

I was a total spaz today.

Not sure why…

I woke up pretty early to make sure I had time to blog, because I’ve been putting it off since Monday!

But of course, there are always things for me to do, it doesn’t end! I’m not at all complaining, because I love being a housewife (and reader, and blogger, and baby sitter, and bible bookworm, and church teacher, potluck planner, etc., just to name a few 😉 )

The two hour time I allotted myself to run errands turned into closer to three, and I was making wrong turns, doing dumb things, asking dumb questions (Ummm, Siri, how many cups make a pound?) and acting completely awkward at the market (which I always tend to do anyway lol). ‘:)

I don’t know what it is about shopping and money and grocery store aisles that kinda spaz me out…I need to work on that.

I think I think about things too much, and that ends up wasting time…AND I HATE WASTING TIME. I’m a conundrum…hmm.

I also think spend to many minutes on my phone. I wonder how I would do without it for a week…

ANYWAY. Speaking of being a wife, this week happens to be our one year anniversary. Crazy! It’s been such a blast. I’ll spare all the details of our first year, but I won’t spare any details of how we celebrated!

Okay okay, so I’ll try to keep it short 😉

Sunday we had an amazingly fun photo op by Michael Alegre Media. We took photos at our old school (where we met) and recreated an old photo.

Photo by my best friend in 7th grade
Photo taken by my best friend in 7th grade…
And the recent one!
And the recent one!

While we were out, I asked my in-laws to come to our place to decorate the living room with balloons with photos of our first year attached to each string. Surprise!

Then on Monday morning I snuck out to hide clues at some of our favorite places for a scavenger hunt, which was totally fun to plan. Surprise, surprise!

I have yet to master the flat lay, but here’s the idea:


We then took a trip to the place we got married and reminisced :’)

Hearts Home Farm- 1 year later!
Hearts Home Farm- 1 year later!

We even picked up a one year anniversary cake from our wedding cake baker too! (Yeah, that whole saving the top part in the freezer for a year thing didn’t work out so well.) Still super special and super yum.

Came back home to some Netflix and chill (hold your snickering, we actually watched Netflix and chilled.)

And topped all this celebrating off with a dinner date at Crossroads Kitchen.

Super fun, super yum, super not-enough-time-in-the-day to enjoy my amazing husband.

Hope this was sort of as fun for you to read as it was for me to write 😉

Until next,


2 thoughts on “One, You’re Like a Dream”

  1. Congratulations mija. We both celebrate anniversaries this month, week. Mine is today, 11/13/93, we got you beat by 21, years, lol. Not always easy, some ups and downs, but with God by our side, all is possible. Love you, miss seeing you.

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